JMC Lutherie

JMC Lutherie SA was founded on September 1st 2005 by Jeanmichel Capt and Céline Renaud. Its success stems from the association of a gifted guitar builder with a youthful entrepreneur. The complementary nature of the two founders has also led to the creation of the Soundboard, a speaker made out of resonance spruce.

The fact that JMC Lutherie is based in the Vallée de Joux is partly due to the very deep roots of the two founders. It is also a magnificent opportunity to remain in the vicinity of the beautiful Risoud Forest which has been known for centuries for its exceptional wood.

JMC present three loudspeakers; The Soundboard, The JMC Nomade and the Acoustic Docking Station. 

About the Soundboard:

When master-luthier Jeanmichel Capt. Lutherie set out to craft the Soundboard speaker, he turned to 80-year-old craftsman Lorenzo Pellegrini to pick out one particular spruce tree from a forest. He chose one which was 40 metres tall and 350 years old for its resonance qualities, as it would form the membrane for the loudspeaker. The Soundboard creates a balanced, lively and pervasive musical climate, like that of a concert. The association of 350 year-old resonance spruce, time-honoured lutherie techniques and contemporary audio technology has given rise to a truly exceptional loudspeaker. With the JMC Soundboard, you recapture the original dimension of music.

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About the JMC Nomade:

This portable loudspeaker is a veritable musical instrument, the tonality of which can be attributed to the Risoud Forest thanks to the use of resonance spruce, which serves as an acoustic horn. Its wonderfully streamlined, elegant aesthetics highlight the use of another local wood in the form of Swiss walnut, while its overall visual appeal will undoubtedly result in it becoming a permanent fixture in many cases. The JMC Nomade is an independent battery-operated sound system which connects through Bluetooth to any suitably equipped transmitter such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

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About the JMC Acoustic Docking Station :

A harmonious association between tonewood, embodying 350 years of life and vibrations, centuries-old lutherie techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. The JMC Acoustic Docking Station is a base or stand inspired by stringed instrument-making techniques to amplify and enhance the harmony of portable music produced by a smartphone or another small-sized source. The object is made out of resonance spruce from the Risoud Forest, world-renowned for its excellent responsiveness to vibrations. It is delivered in a box with 4 extra foam pads to ensure it can adapt to almost any phone.

The story of this ‘log’ begins in a secret location that shelters an authentic treasure: the ‘green gold’ of the stringed instrument-maker, 350 year-old resonance spruce known as tonewood, which is stored there to dry and stabilise over long years and even decade. This thin plank is intended to create the sounding board of a violin. The JMC Lutherie workshops produce guitars, Soundboards – the loudspeaker made out of tonewood – as well as various resonance bases and stands for striking watches… but no violins!

Regular visits to check the piles of wood left to dry sparked the idea of using these quarter-sawn boards to showcase the acoustic and visual beauty of this amazing wood… to the delight of all music lovers. The JMC Acoustic Docking Station is part of the JMC Collection in natural, black and white. 

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