Le Petite Maison

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Le Petite Maison is the synthesis of craftsmanship and modern design techniques brought to life by a collaboration between Spinnaker and renowned fashion designer Claudio Merazzi.

Located in S. Maria a Monte, Italy, a place known for its heritage of craftsmanship, research and innovation, Spinnaker have been crafting exquisite leather shoes for over 30 years. Their artisan know-how and ability to produce beautiful, unique shoes are based on their solid roots and traditions. They pride themselves on using some of the same techniques adopted at the very start - which have only preserved their identity. 

Using only the finest materials available, Spinnaker have created a brand synonymous with quality - their collaboration with Claudio Merazzi is a step further than this: Le Petite Maison by Spinnaker was born as a brand synonymous with Luxury. 

This exclusive collection of lady’s shoes were designed just for the UAE and were showcased at Posh Village for the first time in November. 

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Claudio Merazzi, the designer of the shoes, used his experience in the luxury fashion industry to depict a style which would be perfect for this region. Using exquisite Swarovski crystals, rainbow python leather and jewel studded soles as an imagination-starter, he then offers his clients the chance to completely customise their order: truly celebrating the individuality of each lady who walks through the door. 

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To discuss your personal order, please get in touch with the Posh Village team on 

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