Carbon Jewelry

Based in Lugano, Switzerland, a place well-known for its precision and professionalism, Carbon Jewelry are the epitome of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Thanks to the innovative use of carbon fibre, and the preciousness of the carefully-selected stones for each design, each bracelet is unique for its purity, brightness and strength. The result of combining tradition and innovation is a beautifully handcrafted collection of jewellery. Simplistic, lightweight made for everyone: Carbon Jewelry is redefining everyday luxury. 

Each item in the collection is designed for confident, ambitious and stylish men and women. Named after Cities from all over the World, the collections reflect their namesake with different coloured precious jewels in emerald, diamond and ruby. 

With three diamonds on a bold bangle, Dubai is, of course, our favourite, but if you are looking for something a bit more understated, then Rome: with the colours of the Italian flag picked out in emerald, diamond and ruby on a thinner bangle is just as beautiful. 

Carbon Jewelry also offer levels of personalisation: your favourite jewels on their iconic bracelet: for something truly unique. 

For more information about Carbon Jewelry or to design your own bracelet, please get in touch  with the Posh Village team at

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